Below are a list of the questions that we field most often with potential clients. On trade show floors, and at industry events, these questions come up all of the time. The number one most frequent question we hear is ‘Are you a brokerage?’ And the answer is NO. Brokers in this space will pass you off to a few partner call centers, and leave the engagement. Our team will work hard to ensure that your partnership is successful, by remaining engaged in the relationship. We will help with campaign strategy and setup, script approach, agent training, and program implementation and analysis.Your outsourcing success is our main concern.

How do you find your partner providers?

To start, our experience in the call center world has resulted in working relationships with dozens of vendors worldwide, giving us a solid grasp of each programs strenghts and what programs they excel at. We have met with hundreds of call centers, onshore, nearshore, and offshore, to learn about their capabilities, listen to agent calls, and review campaign performance metrics. As a result, we have a strong network of vendors providing services in the outbound, inbound, and BPO sectors of the outsourcing world.

What are your fees?

You will be charged nothing to utilize our services. Our success is based on the success of your outsourcing relationship. If campaigns are successful, our partner call centers pay us for helping ensure a long-term engagement.

How do you score and screen your vendors?

Because of our team’s experience (working as Call Center Agents, Team Leads, Account Managers, Client Relationship Managers, and Project Managers) we understand all necessary points to analyze in order to determine the quality of a call center. For complete transparency, here is a handful of the areas we investigate when examining a call center partner:

  1. List Company Facts
    1. How long have you been in business?
    2. How many full-time employees do you have?
    3. What languages do you support?
    4. What are your hours of operation?
  2. Client Service
    1. What are your main service offerings? (i.e. Inbound, Outbound, BPO, Answering Services)
    2. What industries do you most commonly service?
  3. Technology
    1. What ACD / Dialer technology do you use?
    2. What are your contingency plans for service outages?
    3. What are your data security measures? PCI Compliant?
  4. Recruiting Team
    1. Can you briefly outline your recruiting process?
  5. Agent Training
    1. Do you cover the training costs, or does the client?
    2. Do you have a dedicated trainer, or do you use a team lead?
  6. Agent Attrition
    1. How do you determine your agent attrition rate?
    2. What is your agent attrition rate?
  7. Agent Characteristics
    1. How many of your agents are in stand-alone centers?
    2. How many at-home agents do you employ?
    3. Please share call recordings of agents from various campaigns.
What size call centers do you have in your network?

Due to client demand, we have strong relationships with call centers across the board, including international BPO firms with 20,000+ seats, all the way down to specialized boutique USA centers with less than 300 agents. Whatever your outsourcing needs are, we have relationships to help establish a quality partnership. 

What is your experience in the Medical Marijuana industry?

After working in the call center industry, Josh and Ali started doing digital marketing consulting for companies in the Medical Marijuana industry. This progressed to Canna Call Center, as clients’ needs for outsourcing assistance became prevelant. 

This will be our first time outsourcing. What level of guidance will you be able to provide?

Nearly half of our clients are outsourcing for the first time. Outside of helping establish a quality outsourcing relationship, we will help you with all screening aspects of the engagement. This includes site visits, RFP formulation and analysis, and campaign strategy. The relationship with Canna Call Center will be a full partnership.

Will we be contractually engaged with Canna Call Center?

No. We will provide a mutual NDA before starting to discuss your program specifics. You will not be contractually obligated to use our services at all.  

Additionally, you will not be required to work with call center providers that we recommend.

Why do providers select to partner with Canna Call Center?

Great call centers are not always great at pre-sale engagement. When call centers’ internal sales staff are marketing, they are hungry for clients, and do not always have the clients’ best interest in mind. Our goal is to ensure that every one of our clients is engaged in a successful relationship, so we play an extremely important role in developing strong partnerships on behalf of the call centers. We will not introduce a client that is a bad fit to a call center, as our number one goal is a strong match and campaign success.